Sunny Anderson's New 2-Ingredient Recipes

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Her two-ingredient recipes wowed our audience the first time around. Now, Sunny Anderson is back with more recipes that are as easy to make as they are fun to eat!
Martha Stewart prepares cold potato buttermilk soup.
This salty-sweet dip filled with chunks of bacon is a must-have starter at any gathering.
Lucinda Scala Quinn and her son Calder join Martha to prepare easy bacon-jalapeno quesadillas.
Martha shows how to preserve lemons.
Martha Stewart makes delectable grapefruit chips, which are great for snacking or using as a garnish.
Martha Stewart makes candied citrus fruit peels using navel oranges to decorate a ginger spice cake.
Jody Williams makes an inventive apple crepe recipe.
Whole chicken becomes boneless fried chicken.
Chocolate Prices Are On The Rise
Martha Stewart boils delicious Brussels sprouts with a sauteed Granny Smith apple and Applewood-smoked bacon.
Creamy and refreshing, this cold soup can be stored in thermoses, making eating on the run super easy.
Chef Hugh Acheson shares his recipe for a savory baked beans side dish.