Sunny Anderson's Two-Ingredient Recipes

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
What can you make with just two ingredients? Desserts, dips and more! Sunny Anderson helps you raid your pantry and create 10 new recipes.
Chef Jim Lahey bakes two fresh pizzas -- prosciutto with peas and broccoli rabe with bechamel sauce.
Melissa Clark shows how to grill and slice skirt steak, which she first marinates in a mixture of garlic and herbs.
Chef Michael White of Osteria Morini in New York City makes an easy proscuitto pasta in real time with handmade pasta and cream.
Chef Michael White of Ristorante Morini in New York City creates handmade pasta tortellini with Martha. Re-create his recipe for your dinner table with double zero flour and a spinach filling.
Jody Williams shows how to make two versions of French crepes for breakfast.
Martha Stewart looks at the original Russell Wright menu cookbook recipes with his daughter Anne Wright and co-author Mindy Heiferling. Afterward, the ladies make a recipe out of the book, a Chilled Tomato soup.
Martha Stewart prepares cold potato buttermilk soup.
This salty-sweet dip filled with chunks of bacon is a must-have starter at any gathering.
Lucinda Scala Quinn and her son Calder join Martha to prepare easy bacon-jalapeno quesadillas.
Martha shows how to preserve lemons.
Martha Stewart makes delectable grapefruit chips, which are great for snacking or using as a garnish.
Martha Stewart makes candied citrus fruit peels using navel oranges to decorate a ginger spice cake.